Tele-survey/Offline Lead Generation

TelesurveyThere are a handful of reliable UK based tele-survey providers available in the UK. 

The best tele-survey providers tend to be those with a UK base that either manage overseas partners and/or have in-house contact centres. Beyond that there are literally hundreds of possibilities around the globe but the disparity in quality is so great that it would be unwise to choose partners without taking advice first. A lead is generated by placing a question on the partners tele-survey. This is usually a learning process to refine the script so the callers are asking the right questions to deliver the desired response. 

 Off-line media provides a multitude of lead generation opportunities to source  millions of leads via: 

  • Postal surveys – c. 1.5 million people per year complete these offering advertisers the opportunity to place targeted questions on a cost per lead basis
  • Warranty cards – c. 5m placed in products sold by retailers whereby consumer register to confirm warranty. Though it is one of the least flexible options (i.e. question restriction and long lead times) it does represent a huge non-incentivised way to generate 100’s of 1000’s of leads
  • Inserts – A cost effective way to place millions of one page adverts in most magazines/newspapers on a very low cost per thousand inserts
  • Print adverts – Increasingly, newspaper and media sources have set-up performance divisions which mean you can purchase previously fixed price media space on a cost per lead basis.
  • Field marketing - using real people to collect leads from high traffic locations such as town centres and big events around the UK paying on a performance basis

Fuse's direct experience in print media and postal surveys means we are perfectly placed to advise you on getting the best out of these lead generation channels.