Social Media Lead Generation

Social MediaIn the UK, over 30 million of us are on facebook and almost a quarter of our time is spent on social media sites. Whilst the sales ROI of gathering likes and fans are questionable, there are many ways to attract huge audience attention as the basis for a broader marketing campaign.

One valuable aspect of incorporating social media into lead generation campaigns is to use facebook/twiter log-in's for data capture forms which negates the need for consumers to manually type in their contact information.  On facebook itself, lead generation campaigns are also easy to embed in facebook pages making even more use of a huge potential audience.

It is undeniable that facebook commands a huge audience in most developed countries but it is also true to state that its user base enjoy it because the experience is free and advertising is not complusory. Therefore, it is important to consider the motivations of facebook users when planning a lead generation marketing campaign. Fans can be attracted with the lure of offers, discounts and promotions to the fan page for future follow-up. A more direct route to acccess inventory directly is to use facebook offerwalls to place lead generation and cost per action campaigns.

Twiter can also be utlised to generate leads via promoted tweets or through a more strategic long-term campaign by targeting and responding to people whose tweets match your products/services. For example, people identified tweeting about buying a new car, can be contacted by an automotive company.

For further deails, please contact us to advise you on the best options for a scalable lead generation campaign using social media.