Retention Marketing - 'Live-append'

Retention Marketing You should also be using lead generation campaigns for retention marketing.  This  saves on costly direct mail spend by allowing you to retarget customers via  email in real-time using our 'Live-append' service.

'Live-append' works by using a live feed to collect and match email addresses of your customers in real-time and re-targets them with an instant email.


We utilise our exclusive network of integrated publishers who send data to us on a live feed meaning as soon as that person opts-in to email marketing and is a match on your database we trigger a welcome email to them. This way, you'll be sending the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Fuse manage the whole process on your behalf using a lead management platform ensuring compliance with all data protection laws, opt-in best practice and optimal email performance giving you email open rates of +40% and +25% click thru's.

Live-append helps retain and engage more customers at lower cost by:

  • Collecting real live working email address at the point of submission by the consumer
  • Contacting customers in realtime with a welcome email
  • Retargeting customers using personalised creative and incentivisation
  • Streaming new customer information live into your database
  • Allows you to upload much great volumes of opt-in subscribers to Google and Facebook which in turn improves your search and social media marketing effectiveness
  • Provide explicit opt-in permission using your named brand which removes any worry about remarketing to customer who may not be permissioned appropriately
  • And it's not just email addresses you can append! Collect extra geo-demographic data such as date of birth, income and phone number too

For a clearer idea of how to retain more of your members at lower cost, contact us.