Email Marketing Lead Generation

Email Marketing Email marketing is without doubt the most popular and best performing channels for acquisition marketing. Used efficiently, it consistently delivers high value long term customers on a cost per sign-up basis.

Fuse operates an exclusive network managing direct email providers via the Sign-Ups Network. These publishers are hand-picked for performance marketing acquisition campaigns on a cost per lead basis. We are especially good at delivering volume and quality of leads for:

  • Call-back campaigns - for energy switching & free trial subscriptions including credit card submits
  • Email sign-up campaigns - for retail, utilities, market research/survey, travel, pets and kids sectors
  • Short-form financial services offers - insurance, life cover, re-mortgage
  • Gaming lead generation - Bingo and Sports (football)

In all cases, we work to medium/long term advertiser KPI's of cost per customer in order to measure and optmise by data source. This way you can acheive the highest volume of customers at the lowest cost possible.

Fuse works hard to acheive the delicate balance of keeping publishers happy with the CPM yields our campaigns offer versus delivering the client advertiser the optimum number of customers within target CPA/ROI. It's not just about setting the correct cost per lead in order to acheive this. Other areas in which we spend much of our time endless tweaking include:

  • Performance based creative execution - Combine the right offer with right call to action and #don'tflogadeadhorse
  • Effective Audience Targeting - Choosing the most responsive audience decreases cost and gets leads and customers faster
  • Form optimisation - Only ask essential need to know stuff of your prospects in the right manner otherwise you throw good leads in the bin.
  • Data Validation - Over-validation can be as bad as too little. Toggle validation filters independently to acheive the right balance
  • Follow-up lead contact - Fast, relevant and friendly should be the guiding ethos here

Fuse embraces a rigorous test and learn approach, to minimise risk and deliver scalable long-term campaigns that work for both publisher and advertiser.

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