Display/Banner Lead Generation

Performance display banner advertisingIt is simpler to think of the display market split in two factions - Premium inventory advertising run on CPM/CPC and Affiliate display traded on a CPL/A performance basis.

Premium Display Advertising

Traditionally traded on a cost per 1000 (CPM) impressions basis, however, there is increasing pressure on premium networks and sites to offer banner advertising on a performance basis. Banner click thru’s continue to slide year on year and only 8% of the internet population have ever clicked on a banner advert. The overwhelming drive towards performance based advertising means there are many emerging ways to use banner advertising more successfully as part of a wider lead generation campaign. Re-targeting is one such option especially popular with etailers re-marketing the same products which consumers have previously looked at on retail sites.

Affiliate/Performance Display Advertising

This could take the form of niche affiliates, remnant unsold inventory or the Google Display Network. Affiliate or remnant advertsing can be bought on a cost per acquistion (CPA), revenue share or cost per lead (CPL) basis (CPL) whereas Google Display operates on a cost per click (CPC) basis. The control of blind affiliate networks over the majority of CPA banner inventory is diminishing as advertisers demand more transparency and affiliate publishers mature from bedroom to boardroom operations.

Usefully, there are a plethora of open platforms arriving on to the market which allow direct trading with affiliates big and small removing some of the jobs the network used to do. It all depends on how much of the work you are willing to do and how much you want to out-source. The important thing is the flexibility exists for a more open transparent trading relationship essential for lead generation.

Fuse can advise on the best mix of these options taking into account the need for control over ad placement, brand exposure and the marketing KPI metrics used.