Co-registration Lead Generation

coregistration  The natural choice for lead generation campaigns with all media priced on     cost per lead. Also known as 'host and post'; 'host' the offers on third party    websites and 'post' the data for follow-up by email, telephone or direct mail.

Co-registration (or co-reg) is the process of collecting leads using third party registration sign-up forms. For example, consumers registering for are shown additional branded offers across travel, shopping, utilities or financial services. Post registration, consumers simply sign up to the offers by ticking a box or answering a qualifing question without the need to input their contact details again as shown in the example offer list below:

coregistration signup offers

From a technical viewpoint, the actual data collected from type of lead generation sign-up ads are delivered on a host and post basis. The publisher hosts the offer on their wesbite and posts (usually via GET/POST command) the resulting leads to the advertiser or agency for follow-up conversion by phone, email or direct mail.

Today, the UK market offers around 75-100 reputable co-registration publishers ranging from the small volume providers to those attracting 250,000+ monthly registrations. Without a sound knowledge of the market and varying publisher business models, many marketers have come unstuck attempting to scale up up as lead quality varies wildly. You have to exert a much greater degree of control per publisher than say with email marketing where levels of consistency are easier to achieve.

Fuse have spent over 15 years in this market blending the right publisher mix to acheive marketing success. You can expect unsurpassed volume without the usual trade-off in qualiity from this channel.

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