Acquisition Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation ServicesNo matter whether you are new to lead generation or more experienced, Fuse can help you...

Our 15 years experience and specialist skills combine to deliver large scale lead generation programmes for:

  • Direct mail/Brochure requests
  • Online Registrations 
  • Email newsletter sign-ups
  • Quote enquiries/leads for tele-sales
  • Appointment generation
  • Vouchers & product sample fulfillment
  • Trial subscriptions
  • E-commerce sales

Fuse adds value to every aspect of lead generation marketing, through:

  • Specialist Media Planning & Buying
  • Huge 500+ Publisher Network
  • Real-time validation and lead delivery
  • Unique profiling, segmentation and scoring ability 
  • Campaign optimisation and conversion consultancy
  • Always, always, always working to your cost per acquistion (CPA)

It is fair to assume that working with Fuse means you squeeze every last conversion out of your marketing budget. It is down to a unique combination of managing lead generation campaigns for many of the UK's top 100 performance advertisers across travel, entertainment, retail, charity, utilities and financial services. Fuse leverages insider knowledge of publishers, specialist lead planning and buying skills and above all, knowing what works and what doesn't.

There are 99 things that can go wrong, or right when managing a lead generation campaign. We will guide you through all the pitfalls to gain outstanding marketing results. Our blog talks about all the latest trends in lead generation.

To put the spark into your lead generation campaigns, just call, email or contact us. You'll hear from us within 24hrs.