Sign-Ups - Monetise your registration form

Sign-Ups effortlessly generates revenue by monetising your registration form or check-out page with rewarding offers for your members.

 As a publisher, think about your current user registration form or check-out page. By now, you should have a picture of a pretty boring form with little added value. Guess what, your prospects and customers are thinking the same thing! 

Unitl now, there has been limited opportunity to increase engagement or monetise of your registration form. Installing the Sign-Ups widget allows:

  • Reduction of acquistion costs instantly by 20-50%
  • New untapped cost per lead (CPL) revenue stream
  • Integrated look and feel - users never click away from your site
  • Control over offers (choose what you don't wan to display)
  • No hassle easy integration of Sign-Ups widget in 30 minutes
  • Publisher log-in with real-time revenue

Please check out our one pager for Sign-Ups publishers which details; how it works, how it looks and what you get.

Then contact us by email or use our contact form for an initial chat.