Publishers are valued as much as clients. Lead Generation represents a unique media opportunity with risk shared between publisher and advertiser.

Publishers need the highest yield for inventory whilst advertisers require as many conversions for their lead generation budget.

Fuse makes that balance more equitable by optimising publishers inventory to work better for our advertiser clients. We use the most cost effiicent strategy realising more sales for clients meaning greater value is realised from the same budget. Publishers receive as much constructive feedback as possible to enable the highest payouts for the best performing sources.

Already, hundreds of publishers - from niche affiliates to major advertising networks benefit from dealing with Fuse. Our commitment remains the same, big or small. We promise to: 

  • Treat you with honesty and respect
  • Give you maximum transparency possible
  • Offer constructive feedback on lead performance
  • Provide longer running high yield campaigns

If you are a new publisher, please get in touch.

Are you are a publisher with in excess of 10k unique visits per month? Are you monetising your registration form and check-out pages? If not, would you like to gain revenue and additional user engagement by running Sign-Ups (simple tickbox offers) after registration or purchase. Please get in touch if so or contact us for more info.


You may be an agency, publisher, advertiser or any company with something good to add to the lead generation space. We’d love to hear from you if you think there could be a mutual benefit to us partnering up. We already have a number of strategic partnerships which provide equal value to the other.