Monday, 18 October 2010 by Peter Bell

Behavioural Targeting - Please behave yourself!

Whilst I welcome the increased targeting techniques of ad networks trawling and storing my every impression and click to serve me better and more relevant advertising, there is one major flaw...

They dont factor in when Ive actually purchased!!! I know this because my time on looking at sofas and my resultant purchase at Dwell in their Richmond branch (yes real shops do still exist) has meant constant behavioural advertising of the sofa Ive already bought, weeks past my purchase date. Ive bought, you got me already, but I cant switch the damn ads off.

This cyber stalking of consumers with post-purchase pointless advertising could never happen in online lead gen. because its all about turning leads into sales and then moving on to target the next available lead who isnt a sale.

So stop counting the cookies and focus on counting the leads and the sales instead. And most of all, dont try to sell me the same sofa twice!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010 by Peter Bell

How to Combat Fraud in Online Lead Generation campaigns

The existence of fraudulent activity in online lead generation will come as no suprise to those in the affiliate marketing world. Four key ways to keep fraud to an absolute minimum are:

  1. Transparency on your ad placement and publishers
  2. Use lead management technology to detect unusual patterns of lead submissions (i.e. receiving thousands of leads at 2 oclock in the morning is highly unlikely to be genuine).
  3. Tight commercial paperwork - protect yourself from paying out for invalid leads so there is no incentive for publishers to act in a fraudulent manner
  4. Collect as many contact fields as possible to validate the lead as genuine. This includes full name, PAF address and IP address
Fraudulent online lead generation is an unfortunate part of todays lead marketing landscape and can destroy what would have been a succesful campaign.

So be wise to the issue and take the necssary steps above to keep fraud at bay.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010 by Peter Bell

Is CPL advertising the perfect tonic to add to the online (CPM) advertising mix?

Cost per lead (CPL) marketing is coming of age with an increasingly amount of publishers waking up to the fact that CPL is not a replacement for CPM or is any way a lower class advertising channel. They come from different budgets, do different things and can be placed using different inventory. CPL ads provide a steady stream of leads of people interested in your product/service for future follow-up whereas CPM display is best placed to generate publicity, brand build or acquire customers online in that instant.

Getting the mix right is key for the publisher to maximise monetisation from their media and CPL is certainly more palatable than the 100% publisher risk that pure cost per acquistion (CPA) offers.

I look forward to continuing working with new publishers who last year would have turned their noses up at CPL deals but now recognise the role of performance advertising in the marketing mix.