Thursday, 13 January 2011 by Peter Bell

Online Lead Generation Agency?

What role do Online Lead Gen (OLG) agencies have to play in the future of performance marketing? The main function of an lead gen. agency is media buying. However with online lead gen being a shared risk model between publisher and advertiser it is not as straightforward as CPM (100% advertiser risk) or CPA (100% publisher risk) marketing. An experienced lead generation marketer will know many good performing publishers but considerable time, effort and expertise is involved in the buying, optimising and conversion of these leads into sales. Without first hand knowledge of how each media and publisher performs there is likely to be an uncomfortable margin of error.

The next option would be to use a large digital agency who cite online lead gen as a specialism. but at this stage most seem to use a single network or attempt to out-source to a specialist lead gen agency. Encouraginly there are some larger agencies now developing dedicated online lead gen teams.

Well executed online lead generation is often best given to specialist lead generation agencies who have years of campaign experience of what works and what doesnt. This way, any agencies fees should be more than covered by their insight and the efficiency created by executing the best performing campaign with the winning mix of volume and quality of leads.

Friday, 7 January 2011 by Peter Bell

5 Big Online Lead Generation predictions for 2011

    1. Low cost lead management software flooding the market
    2. Affiliate Marketing and Online Lead Gen coming together
    3. Less brokers, more agencies 
    4. Major acquisitions by large company wanting to dominate the lead gen market
    5. Pubtailing (Econsultancy) - publishers wising up to OLG revenue

Thursday, 2 December 2010 by Peter Bell

Winter Online Lead Generation - Good or bad?

Writing this having not left the house today and I dont intend to, whilst the UK is covered in the white stuff. Instead Im watching my volumes on my lead management platform with bated (visible) breath. Does the bad weather mean I will see an avalanche of leads now? With so many people stuck at home browsing online surely people will be in need of some light entertainment. What better way to while away an hour or two by responding to offers by email, clicking on lead gen advertising or taking part in online survey competitions.

Or maybe my lead gen volumes with freeze-up. The snow could discourage people doing most things theyd normally enjoy, giving people the opportunity to hibernate or simply go native with winter sporting fun.

Either way, the numbers wont lie and I for one, will be praying for a snow powered boost to online lead gen volumes this month. Bring it on...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010 by Peter Bell

Some leads are more equal than others - Lead Generation NOT List Generation

I have uncovered an interesting trend recently whereby online lead generation (OLG) publishers seem keen to push leads that are opted in via their generic registration form using many advertisers logos rather than a specific opted-in qualifying question. The result is huge volumes of leads at a lower price without that OLG seal of quality.

Whilst in itself, this may not be a bad idea for advertisers with the right product to sell to consumers. It definitely is a bad idea to confuse this with lead generation. For arguments sake, is it more accurate to describe this as list generation and treat it accordingly.

I do recommend list generation as a viable option for those conducting mass market email campaigns with the ability to monetise the data asset after the conversion process had finished, i.e. selling the prospect file on a CPM basis).

So whilst this is a welcome addition to the stable of data products available on the market, if people could use the term list generation it will not get confused with the typical lead generation market.

Friday, 29 October 2010 by Peter Bell

IAB Online Lead Generation Council update

The eternal debate in online lead gen. rages on at the latest meeting of the IAB OLG Council. That is, how some advertisers, agencies, and publishers seem to be mis-representing what OLG is all about - an advertising channel that provides high quality, high volume of leads that turn into customers at an affordable price.

Firstly, advertisers, seem to be largely in the dark about how to design a winning lead generation campaign with the bewidlering array of options available to them.

Agencies (larges one who should know better) tend to lump OLG into other media or measure only by the channel as a whole not by specific OLG media which made up the campaign.

Publishers - still seems far too easy for new entrants to pop-up, cobble together a decent lead gen. test and then fudge the roll-out by blind broking.

The council is determined to continue educating the wider advertising industry into understanding the huge benefits of OLG so that an ever increasing number of brands can enjoy the results it offers.