Utility/Telecoms - Lead Generation Whitepaper

Utilitiy & Telecoms Lead Generation WhitepaperThe Challenge

Huge numbers of prospects need to be targeted in a more engaged way due to declining results from existing channels and the need to boost consumer PR in customer acquisition. This long-term approach will help prevent high attrition and combat negative perceptions of target marketing.

The Solution (Synopsis)

The move away from other direct channels such as door-to-door canvassing gives way to a bigger opportunity to use lead generation to find new prospects and convert them over a period of time to ensure consumers are aware of the switching options and choosing the best one for them. A key component of achieving this will be in a wide variety of ways in which a consumer can interact with the advertiser using both push and pull marketing to establish a good relationship before closing the sale. This contact strategy could involve offline contact (brochures, leaflets) to SMS, social media and email. Taking the role of email first, it is advised...

The full version of this report covers:

  • The multi-channel approach which target consumers in the most appropriate way according to channel preference and messaging
  • How adopting a lead nurturing programme ensures prospects are gently engaged and progressed through to sale
  • How referral marketing can help your newly acquired customers get other customers improving long-term engagement and suppressing cancellation/attrition

If you are an advertiser in the Utility sector, please contact us to request your copy.