Travel - Lead Generation Whitepaper

Charity Lead Generation WhitepaperCharity Lead Generation WhitepaperTravel Lead Generation WhitepaperThe Challenge

Requirement to build database of opted-in travellers that fits target market and remain responsive to email marketing

The Solution (Synopsis)

A combination of lead generation channels is recommended to achieve this. Firstly, in order to understand which to use, a benchmark must be established – What is considered a responsive consumer? Someone who opens every email or maybe just 2/3 times a year. In terms of channels to use, naturally, email marketing will provide some of the most responsive consumers but volume will be hard to sustain, therefore it is best to go with a flexible budget policy to employ other channels such as:

  • Mobile lead generation
  • Banner advertising
  • Co-registration marketing

The full version of this report covers:

  • What channels to use with weighting
  • Definition of success
  • Techniques to drive long-term engagement

If you are an advertiser in the Travel sector, please contact us to request your copy.