Financial Services - Lead Generation Whitepaper

Financial Services Lead Generation WhitepaperThe Challenge

After years of mass-market email marketing, need to reduce wastage and brand blindness through better targeting and focus more efforts on fewer prospects to convert high percentage of opportunities

The Solution (Synopsis)

Email and SMS marketing represents a very cost effective way to target millions of consumers with a single message whilst needing only a low conversion to break-even on the activity. However it cannot be sustained, with millions of consumers now becoming effectively turned-off due to the over-reliance on this channel. A more segmented approach is recomended with different strategies developed for different grades of prospect. The highest value prospects being given the most expensive treatment (i.e. direct mail pack, courtesy call, and follow-ups) and the lowest the cheaper methods of contact until they either buy a lower value product or progress into higher value prospects.

The full version of this report covers:

  • Lead Scoring and Nurturing to identify high, medium and low prospects
  • Tailoring the marketing offer to the right segment
  • Delivering a flexible multi-channel approach giving the consumer all possible touchpoints

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