Entertainment - Lead Generation Whitepaper

Entertainment Lead Generation WhitepaperThe Problem

A gaming company needs to speed up the online acquistion process to three months from a year. 

The Solution (Synopsis)

The conversion process needs to be broken down into the various stages that the consumer goes through to establish where the leaks in the bucket are. The messaging at each stage needs to be consisent and reference previous communications the prospect will have seen to establish a connection with the consumer much more quickly. This way, leads are progressed down the marketing funnel much more speedily. Obviously this means some drop out of the process earlier too but this is out-weighed by the majority who more quickly convert into players.

The full version of this report covers:

  • Real-time email strategy to push prospects to the next stage of conversion
  • How to maintain momentum with prospects without alienating them
  • Reducing wastage in the acquisition process

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