ECO and Green Deal lead generation

My Energy Survey (Green Deal leads)

8m householders can improve the energy efficiency of their homes for free using ECO (Energy Company Obligation) or Green Deal funding. starts that process by giving housholders a free energy report.


Specificially, pinpoints people who would benefit by installing:

  • Insulation - loft, cavity wall and solid wall
  • Double Glazing - new windows and doors
  • Heating and hot water - new boilers, radiators and thermostats
  • Draught proofing
  • Renwable energy - such as solar panels or wind turbine to generate own energy is a site which helps people accurately work out the benefits of Green Deal for their home. Consumers take a short 10 minute survey which produces a personalised home energy report with energy score. 

Crucially, provides that very first step of pre-assessment vastly reducing costs by only home assessing those people who are already eligible for Green Deal either via Green Deal finance or qualification under ECO.

To find out how to generate qualified leads for ECO/Green Deal now, please contact us.

For more general information about Green Deal, we recommend visiting Energy Saving Trust and Gov.UK

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