Marketing FAQ's

Advertiser FAQ's Lead generation novice or an experienced performance marketer? Here are  some answers to need to know questions:


New to Lead Generation


1. What is lead generation?

A marketing process where a lead must be generated (off/online) for the purpose of making a follow-up contact (whether by email, phone, DM or SMS) to convert them into a customer.

2. Why Performance Lead Marketing?

This encapsulates how Fuse applies direct marketing to lead generation and charges for results on a performance basis.

3. Concerned about opt-in and privacy issues?

You are right to be aware that you need to gain explicit opt-in from the consumer and be transparent about how you intend to use their data. It is important you take advice on best practice and ensure compliance with PECR (EC) directive.

4. Unsure how to handle a prospect/customer database?

You need to have an idea of how you intend to securely store data whilst ensuring you can accurately and quickly update this information. Your current CRM database may be up to the job but works best if it can accept live feeds via an API.

5. Still no idea where to start?

Think of every question you need answers to (no matter how trivial) and put this set of questions to your potential lead generation partners. Also think about the type of people you work best with as lead generation is very involved, You need to be able to get on with the person you'll be speaking to most days!

Experienced at Lead Generation


1. Problems scaling up lead generation campaigns?

You should eventually find 10-15 publishers who can perform back to your CPA. However, making the other potential 100+ options is fraught with difficulty unless you employ more advancing planning and buying strategies, technology, scoring and segmentation techniques.

2. Uncertain how to apply lead scoring and segmentation?

If you've never scored your leads into how likely they convert, then you assume every lead has an equal value. Scoring your lead base allows you to decipher which are high value leads and which low before you attempt to convert them. Having this inside knowledge is essential.

3. Not sure where leads are coming from?

Using blind networks and allowing your campaign to be brokered out can work to some extent but without knowing the true origination of the lead source, quality is hard to measure and you open yourself up to fraudulent activity and poor returns. 

4. Finding it hard to manage large volumes?

You need to employ the right business rules, technology and marketing conversion processes to ensure you spend as little budget as possible whilst maintaining efficiency required to gain the sales you need.

5. All lead providers/agencies sound similar?

You need to compile a brief and a tough set of questions which will help you separate the wheat from the chaff.